G300: Mission First

G300 Mission:


The mission of G300 is to promote and facilitate a healthy and supportive transition for veterans from military service to civilian life. Our mission is accomplished through outdoor bonding experiences that provide the camaraderie these veterans had during their military service. The primary program builds on unforgettable hunting or fishing excursions, which allow veterans and active-duty service members to connect with G300 staff, volunteers and other veterans to assist them with re-acclimating  to civilian life by establishing relationships, support networks, and community connections.


G300 Vision:


In the military, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines were not left behind on the battlefield; G300’s vision is to ensure they are not left behind on the Homefront.  As we assist our veterans, we also want these veterans to become leaders that assist other veterans who are facing the same hardships and struggles they've overcome with assistance from G300 staff and those who partner with us.


G300 Values:


Our values are aligned with the U.S. military’s core values of honor, courage and commitment.  It is an honor to serve these veterans who have sacrificed so much on the battlefield; and ensure when they physically return home, they also are respected and held in high esteem for their sacrifices so they can return home mentally and spiritually.  We also want to encourage our vets by standing with them as they make their transition home through building relationships with them.  We are committed to these vets, as they have been committed to serving our great nation; and will use that commitment to build lifelong relationships with our vets so that they may carry on with the mission at home.

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